Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Moo (Daikon) Kimchi

It's another sleepless night, so I thought I would finally go and update this recipe. Basically, I just used my mandolin to slice the moo up into thin slices. Dongchimi moo is a lot smaller than the regular sized daikons, so it actually fit right through my mandolin pretty nicely.

See how thin it is?

I then salted it and let it sit out for a few hours.

This photo was taken about 3 hours later and NO I didn't add any water. That's just the natural juices from the moo. THROW IT OUT!

And give your moo pieces a nice bath...

I had some Asian pear left so I grated a small piece into the following mixture: 1 CUP water, 1/4 CUP vinegar, 1 TB sugar and 3/4 TB honey powder

I had a piece of pear left so I stuck it in there with the moo.

Let it blend together inside the fridge for about a week or two before serving. It's a great side dish to some chicken kalgooksoo! If you want, feel free to add some red pepper powder for some spice. Enjoy! =)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dongchimi (Daikon) Kimchi - (동치미 김치)

I realized that I never got around to posting my Donchimi Kimchi recipe. I made this a few times over the years and just found pictures of it from the last time I made it last summer (before I got sick). Anyhow, this time I was at the K-market and found that they had the baby moos perfect for making donchimi kimchi, so I couldn't resist.

Each of these were a bit bigger than a soda can. I already knew that it would be too much, so I used one and a half and then used my mandolin to slice up the leftover half. I'll show you what I did with it on my next post.

Peel the moo and leave a few sprouts at the top.

Chop it up like so and then let it sit in some salt for a few hours.

Meanwhile, get everything else ready. I used 1/4 Asian pear (Munchkin ate half and I'm going to use the other 1/4 for the next recip), 5-6 whole garlic cloves, couple of peppers (green and red) and some jjook pa (thin green onions).

After a few hours, there will be some juices at the bottom. DUMP IT and rinse the moo.

Give it a few rinses.

Place the moo at the bottom of a large container.

Arrange all the other ingredients inside the container as well.

In about 7-8 cups of water (sorry, I didn't really measure) add 2TB of salt and 1TB of honey powder and 1TB of sugar. More or less.

Pour the liquid into the container and let everything sit out like this for a few days before transferring into the fridge. It should be ready to eat in about 21 days.  I've made this numerous times and it really tastes much better with *age* - don't be afraid to let it sit in a corner of your fridge.


A picture from a previous time I made this as well.  It's SO great with some gooksoo noodles!  I never posted a picture of DongChiMi Gooksoo, but I shall the next time I make this.  Stay Tuned! 


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