Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kimbap - Korean Style Rice Rolls - (김밥)

There are many ways to make kimbap and you can pretty much put whatever you want into them. Tuna, kimchi, beef, etc. This is my version of kimbap and it's always a hit in our household.

_MG_0282 _MG_0281
First gather your ingredients. Here I have dan-moo-ji (which is precut for kimbap use), sushi nori (gim), fish cakes, imitation crab, spinach (I cheated and got store-made), carrots, pickles...

_MG_0283 _MG_0297
Get some type of seasoned beef and slice it up thin - again I cheated by using pre-marinaded galbi from the store. You can use boolgogi or even ground beef marinaded lightly in soysauce and sugar.

And lastly some fried eggs and slice it up thinly like so. The key to frying an egg like this is using LOW heat. Just pour the egg onto the frying pan on low heat and leave it there until it's firm and easy to flip over.

Begin by using a mandolin to thinly slice your cucumber.

Do the same with your carrots and lightly sautee it with some sesame oil.

Lightly heat your fishcakes on a frying pan and slice it up thin also.

Eventually you will have your ingredients ready like this...

Get as much rice as you want to use and season it with some sesame oil and sesame seeds and let it cool down to room temperature. You don't want the rice o be hot or else it will just crumple the gim.

After the rice and all the other ingredients have cooled down, create a work station like this...

Start by placing your gim on a sushi roller.

Spread the rice out as thinly and evenly as possible. Leave a little room at the bottom without rice because this makes wrapping it a lot easier.

Add whatever ingredients you have towards the bottom like this.

The MR was kind enough to take a picture from the other side of me wrapping up the gimbap. Fold the empty part over everything as tightly as possible and use the roller to roll up it tightly.

Use your roller to make the roll firm.

When you're done rolling set aside and continue until you run out of ingredients.

I ended up making A LOT of gimbap today. This isn't even all of it because both the MR and Munchkin were eating as I was making it so they probably ate at least 5 rolls amongst the two of them. LOL.

Take a sharp knife and cut it up like this.

You're now ready to serve!!!

I ended up with tupperwares full of kimbap. I'm going to drop some off to my parents at work tomorrow!


  1. oh yes! ure back~ yum yum kim bap cant wait!

  2. oh yeah btw ur pickled cucumber thingy was a major hit~ it was soooo good! ive been wanting that 4vr with chadol & now i have it~ we couldnt be happier w/this recipe! thanks B~! and i posted a pic of it on my site =P heehee

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  4. Hey! You're back! So glad to see you blogging about your excellent cooking again! Fighting!!!!!

  5. Thanks for making me drool at lunchtime. Ive got nothing to eat here but ramen! *teeeears****

  6. oooh your version looks to die for!! it's loaded with all that good stuff. mmmm i'm drooling!!

  7. that looks SOOOOOOOO good... that kalbi in kimbap looks yumm!!! i should try it next time- although it takes me like 3 hours to make kimbap lol

  8. Wow I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. thank you so much for this recipe and the photos! i followed your instructions and made kimbap last night. it was the first time that it was the appropriate size and the ratio of rice to filling was good. i always used to put way too much. also, more importantly, you are in my thoughts and prayers and i wish for you a speedy and successful recovery.

  10. I realized that kim bap doesn't taste the same the next day. The rice gets hard. Do you put in the fridge for the next day or do you leave it out?

  11. After seeing your post, I ran out with a 16 month in tow and got all the ingredients to make enough kimbap for an army. I've made them before and watched my mom do it millions of times but your tip about leaving a little room on the Kim without rice makes sooo much sense! Thanks for sharing.

  12. You are back! How wonderful! I hope you are feeling better :)

  13. Yum! I will definitely have to make this instead of buying it at the grocery store. What do you think of using brown rice (we try to eat whole grains). Also, how do you use a sushi roller?

  14. I forgot to add Thank you Thank you for posting. Your blog is AWESOME and it looks like it helps a lot of people.

  15. yeah ur back! hope your feeling better! yummy kimbap recipe! looks delish :)

  16. hey, thanks for sharing this recipe, i've tried this and turned out good! i post this in my blog with you as my source.. :D keep fighting for your cancer, i hope u're enjoying every second of your precious life..

  17. Your kimbap is so much prettier than what I make. I stick with plain egg, spinach, carrot, and SPAM (yeah, I adore SPAM). I'm a bit lazy that way. It still tastes good, but it's nowhere near as lovely as yours.

  18. mmmmm gahhhhhh I'm so hungry, it look so good!!!! Ok, question, one of my student's mom gave me some the other day and she made the kimbap and then like.. rolled it in an egg, does that make sense? it's like a kimbap roll with a very thin layer of egg covering it.. it was so delicious.. but I have no idea how she even did it, so meticulously too. *muah amazing! I devoured it! lol
    you should do one.. or maybe you already did and I just can't find it??

  19. An amazingly wonderful step by step guidance to making this wonderful dish :D Thank you, two thumbs up!!!

  20. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  21. I am very interested in the article that you created. I am very interested in Korean food I hope someday I can make it yourself

  22. I WANT SUM! will make it soon. i used to get it from a restaurant that closed :( but now i can do this!




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