Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brown Rice Vegetable Rolls

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I had some veggies leftover from the Jengban Gooksoo below, so I decided to make some vegetable rolls. I used perilla leaves, red leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumber, and avocados.

Get about two cups of cooked brown rice and season it with 1 TSP of sushi vinegar, 1 TB of sesame oil, and 1 TB of sesame seeds.

Spread the brown rice on a seaweed wrap and PRESS DOWN as hard as possible. Brown rice doesn't stick as well as white rice, so give it some good pressure.

Then just load it up with generous amounts of the veggies and start wrapping.

Use a sharp knife to cut them into pieces and serve. Enjoy~~~

If you want regular kimbap, check it out!


  1. looks so appetizing and so healthy too!

  2. how do u get ur rice so nice like that? evtime i make kimbap i mess up b.c of my rice being wayy to sticky... do i have to make more fluffy type of rice w/less water? can u give an approx. water measure? thnx B =)

  3. that looks so good!

  4. How do you peel your avocado? Do you have one of those special scoops that gets the flesh out of the peel?

  5. Make sure your hands are wet and press the brown rice down or wet your rice cooker spoon (big, flat, white, hard plastic spoon) with water and use that to press the brown rice down.

    To get the avocado flesh out easily, cut the avocado in half (top to bottom, so vertically around) with the skin on. Then cut in half again (vertically into quarters). The skin should then be easy to peel off and the pit will come out easily as well. Then slice into the desired thickness.

  6. I've stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say it's great and this recipe looks wonderful. Thank you.Your photo's are great and your instructions are very clear. I'm fighting cancer too and am going the vegan route ( hormone sensitive breast cancer ) and these sushi rolls look fantastic. I think I'll do them for supper tomorrow, though I'm also going more raw, so may try it with only a little rice. Thank you so much. My mouth's watering.



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