Monday, March 29, 2010

Spam Kimbap

On lazy weekends, once in a blue moon I’m crazy enough to make kimbap.  It’s literally an all day event!

Once I get started, I sit there and make kimbap all morning and sometimes all afternoon!

And about halfway through the rice, I ended up running out of ingredients for gogi kimbap. So I dug through my pantry and found this can of SPAM.

IMG_0417 IMG_0419       
Cut and fry the spam...

Get some good old American cheese...

I already had eggs from the gogi kimbap.

Put your rice about 3/4 of the way on the sheet.  I usually just season my rice with splashes of sesame oil and sesame seeds.  You can add sushi vinegar if you’re going to eat it *RIGHT AWAY* but I find that adding vinegar makes the kimbap smelling stale after a few hours.  My husband likes to eat it all day long, so I usually skip the vinegar.

Add the three ingredients.

Roll up tightly.

Cut and serve! Honestly, although I love spam the gogi kimbaps blew the spam kimbap outta the water. =P Munchkin refused to eat the spam kimbap and made sure to ask for "gogi kimbap only please." =P At least the MR had something to snack on at midnight! hehe.

Four hours of hard work later! The MR had already taken a container with him in the morning. =P Can you believe almost all that kimbap is GONE now? I live with two men that truly know how to eat! Happy Monday, folks!!!


  1. looks so yummy...i love any type of kimbap.

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  3. oh wow these photos made me miss my mother and her home-made kimbap! it all looks so delicious!

    but i've never heard of cheese in kimbap! is this something you picked up living in the states?

  4. your rolling technique is perfect!

  5. dude... your kimbap was the its meeh E's mommy

  6. oh my how delish they look. ur such a pro kimbap maker!! have a wonderful time in korea! love your food blog and glad to know you're alive!!

  7. wow, love that you have all the traditional korean banchan recipes i've been looking for. so glad i found you!

  8. i love your site! yay! i miss korean food. this kimbab is so simple, yet looks soo delicious!

  9. kimbap seems to have a short life span. if I fridge it overnight to eat the next day, the rice is too hard. Is there a remedy for this?

  10. if you don't finish the kimbap in 1 day & put it in the fridge, how do you avoid the hard rice?



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