Monday, May 24, 2010

Momil Gooksoo in Soba Sauce

HELLOOOO! Is anyone still out there? I know I've been a really bad blogger and haven't had an update of substance in a long time. In fact, I feel kinda guilty coming back today since this post will also be a *non-recipe* of sorts. Anything not made from scratch, doesn't constitute as a *real* recipe to me.

But I digress...

I'm not sure if you've noticed yet, but I really like NOODLES. I actually *LOVE* ramyun, but after being sick I try not to eat it often. Anyhow, whenever I get a late afternoon noodle kick and I'm at home - instead of making ramyun, I try and make this instead. It's a bit healthier and it satisfies my noodle fixation pretty well.

Buckwheat soba noodles. =P

Boil them according to the instructions - probably about 10-12 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, go and grab this! It's in the sauce section of almost every Korean market (or Japanese market). I love this particular brand.

Rinse your noodles and if you have some ice in your freezer (I didn't!) then throw them in there to get the noodles nice a cold.

Grab a grater and start grating some moo (or horseradish as it's called in English). Grate as much as you want! I pretty much used up that whole piece right there.

Then get some wasabi paste and squeeze in as much as you can handle.

Side note: one my my greatest fears going through radiation was being told that I may not be able to eat spicy foods anymore. YIKES. I *LOVE* spicy foods (I'm talking Thai spicy!) and while undergoing radiation, even some of the mildest spices bore a hole in my mouth. Well, I'm happy to say that one year after radiation my tolerance for spicy foods is exactly where it used to be. =) Although I do try and refrain from extra spicyness for my health, I *can* tolerate it and just knowing I can if I wanted to is satisfying.

Throw in some green onions and you have this pretty little concoction!

Pour some of the soba sauce straight in and you're almost done.

Sprinkle some crushed seaweed (or Furakaike if you're lazy like me) on top of the noodles.

And then dip some of the noodles in the sauce (after making sure to thoroughly mix it up! you do NOT want to accidentally eat a lump of wasabi like I did earlier today. =P) and start slurping!

A nice alternative to eating ramyun on a lazy day like today! Hope you enjoy. I promise to be back with a semi-real recipe sooner or later. Would you believe I've become incredibly lazy!?

What can you make with the leftover momil gooksoo?

Go and try THIS TOO!


  1. i love love LOVE this. It's hard to find korean radishes by me though, and the nearest H-Mart is nearly an hour away... so i make do with japanese radishes which isn't the same to me. Still good though. Now I really want some.

  2. Hello :) I am following along. I sent an email but never heard back. I am enjoying your blog and hope all is well with you. I love soba noodles! andra

  3. Gah! I am so hungry now! Might have to make a stop at the Korean store on the way home. :) It is starting to heat up here in the midwest so I can't wait to start making the cold noodle dishes.

  4. HEy sweetie! I just wanted to say that "moo" is actually radish. If you google horseradish you get pictures of the stuff you eat with primerib. It's also the stuff used to make...wasabi!

  5. Sorry to hear about your cancer. I am fighting breast cancer. I've done a lot of research to alternative therapies. You should check out a (cheap!) drug called Low-Dose Naltrexone (google it) and see if it might be a fit for you. It has done some amazing things. There's a doc named Berkson who uses is a lot.

    Best wishes! Thanks for the recipes/info.

  6. if you're REALLY lazy like it with 김 aka KEEM :D seasoned seaweed aka nori!



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