Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's yet another sleepless night so I decided to check out my google analytics (really cool!) and found that I have had over 100,000 (103,702 to be exact! =P) unique visitors to this site.


Who knew that Korean food could be so popular?!

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU again to each and every one of you who visits this site. I'm sorry I don't update often, but like I say all the time this blog is a hobby and I just don't have enough hours in the day to sit and take step-by-step pictures of meals. =( When I *cook* for the blog it takes almost triple the time to make something. Not fun when you have a hungry, near-crazy toddler yelling for FOOD!

With that said, I'll try to post something up tomorrow. It's time to go to the K-market again, so let's see what I can whip up.

Hope everyone in SoCal is staying cool in this heat wave!!!


  1. Thank you very much for your wonderful blog on Korean Cuisine. I love it and so does the son whenever I cook something after reading your blog.
    Keeping cool in K-town!!! ;p

  2. love your blog! you make korean cooking seem so easy, not to mention tasty. it's inspired me to try and cook more korean food, something that i usually only have when i visit home and my mom cooks.

  3. Thanks for your diligent recipe-writing! I'm a single dude in Manhattan and good korean food is hard to come by here. I've been cooking a lot more at home (thanks to your blog) and my roommate thanks you very much as he's reaping the delicious benefits.

  4. awesome!!! the analytics is a pretty cool tool.

  5. As a Korean girl that loves to cook & eat, I love the way it's put together. It makes me want to try making dishes I've never tried. I told my boyfriend that he's only getting Korean food from now on.

  6. I love this site! Thank you so much for your diligent efforts. Also, can you tell me when you started introducing Korean food to your son and at what age? I have a 7 month old little boy and am wondering if he will enjoy Korean food ;).

  7. Yay!
    I love your blog. My roommate is Korean, and I show it to her a lot. Her 'Ama' is a great cook as well but is not good at translating things to english.



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