Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just wanted to give readers a quick update.

I was walking on crutches for about two weeks.

Then I progressed to a cane for about a week.

As of last week, I finally rid of the cane and have been walking on my own.  I’m still limping but I don’t care – I’M WALKING AGAIN.

My parents tell me my walking is better than before I started radiation.

I feel pretty great and was able to go around town all day yesterday without feeling too tired.

So…we’re off to the Motherland tomorrow! 

I will update with food from the streets of Seoul.


  1. Have a great time and eat lots of great food!!

  2. SO happy to hear. Please enjoy your trip, so jealous! Eat lots and lots of yummy Korean food for us!

  3. I am glad that you are feeling better!
    Can't wait to read about your food posts in Seoul! I will be there in October and I am looking forward to all the good food already!
    Have fun!

  4. Have a wonderful time~ Looking forward to seeing what you are getting into!!

  5. enjoy! can't wait to see the food pics of your trip!!

  6. So glad that you are doing okay! Eat lots of yummy food and enjoy your time there!


  7. I am so glad that you are doing better! You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful time in Korea!

  8. Yay! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  9. So great to hear you are better and making a trip home. You have been in my thoughts and prayers although this is my first time leaving comments here. Enjoy your trip!

  10. It is wonderful that you are doing well. Have a safe trip~! :3

  11. Just perused your blog by accident and enjoyed all of it. I will try to use these home-style recipes for my kids. Also, having sb close to me pass away from cancer, I pray for you and your family. Keep your spirits up! "Fighting!!!"

  12. I love you blog. I spent 3yrs in Seoul and just returned this summer and I miss it sooooo much. I glad to come across you blog! Most of my favorite dishes are on blog....Shabu shabu here we come!

    Thanks and enjoy your trip!

  13. I LOVE your blog! I am always looking up recipes on your blog. Please keep posting more. :)



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