Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dak Jook - Chicken Porridge - (닭죽)

There will be no specific measurements for the dak jook that I am about to post up. This was actually one of Munchkin's favorite meals when he was starting solids. I used to make this for him all the time when he was in his baby food stage.

  • Chicken broth leftover from the Sam Gye Tang (lots of it)
  • Rice - as much as you can fit into the pot
  • sprig of ginger

Begin by adding any leftover broth into a large pot.

Shred the chicken meat into small pieces like so.

Add the chicken pieces to the broth and bring it to a boil.

Save all the leftover bones and carcass and just add fresh water to the mixture and let it boil for about 20 minutes or so.

You will be using this new broth to add to the porridge if you need more water (which most likely you will).

Finally, add your rice (eyeball it and add and much as you think you can fit in your pot) and a spring of ginger. I actually also added the ginseng root to give it more flavor. Note: The rice I used was actually a combination of 50/50 rice and sweet rice.

Keep stirring as it cooks and add more broth (from the bones and carcass) as needed. You will need to cook this for about an hour.

Keep an eye on it and make sure that you keep stirring because the rice will stick to he bottom. Keep adding more broth as needed.

Finally, after you reach a porridge consistency you're ready to serve! I actually ended up with a huge batch and took it into work to share. If you have child who's still in the infant feeding stage you can freeze these in those small Ziploc containers and freeze them. I used to pop one into the microwave for 2 minutes each time Munchkin needed a meal. Make sure to add SALT to taste and enjoy! I actually prefer to add soy sauce as I'm eating the jook instead, it's up to you.


  1. yippee! I <3 your site and am so glad for your success :D

  2. I love this your blog! I've found other Korean cooking sites, but this is definitely my favorite. And I am so grateful for all the pictures you include, too!

  3. i love this page! :D your pics make everything so much easier to follow~

  4. How do you get traffic to your site?

  5. when you said you did 50/50, do you add both cooked rice and cooked sweet rice? this looks so yummy to me, esp now after i got my tooth pulled! LOL. -H

  6. ^^@H- hope you're feeling better soon. Yes. I just mixed half of each and washed together and cooked it together in the rice cooker. =P

  7. Thanks, B! You are the best!! I am *so* going to make this for myself this weekend... :-)


  8. Thanks!

    Now I can make this for my wife who has a stomach virus. =(



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