Sunday, September 28, 2008

Godeunguh Kimchi Jorim - Steamed Mackerel & Kimchi - (고등어 김치 조림)

  • 1/2 salted mackerel
  • 1 cup fermented kimchi
  • 1/4 chopped onion
  • 1 stalk of green onion
  • 3 TB sesame oil and 1 TB minced garlic

They were having a sale on mackerel at the K-market so I bought a package of it and decided to make some kimchi jorim. You can easily pan fry mackerel and enjoy it without anything extra, but every once in a while I like to change it up.

In a pot heat up 2 TB of sesame oil and 1 TB of minced garlic.

Once the garlic begins to sizzle, add about 3/4 cups of kimchi and 4-5 TB of kimchi juice and mix it around for a while.

Then set the onions and green onions on top of the kimchi.

Meanwhile, cut your mackerel into thirds. I ran it under cold water for about 5 minutes, but for the most part it was still halfway frozen. I only used one package (it comes in two separately wrapped packages) but feel free to use all of it if you have more people to feed.

Then set the mackerel on top of the kimchi and onions......

Cover it with the rest of the remaining 1/4 cup of kimchi and drizzle about 1 TB of sesame oil on top. Cover the lid and let it cook for about 30-40 minutes total.

Flip it over about halfway through to ensure even cooking.

After about 40 minutes the mackerel will be done. Plate it with the kimchi and you're ready to serve. Enjoy!



I tried this Poulet Niçoise recipe from Williams Sonoma this weekend and it was pretty delicious. I highly suggest you give it a try.

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