Friday, February 6, 2009

Mushroom Moochim - (버섯 볶음)

I debated on whether to post this since it's not really a recipe of sorts. But just in case you're wondering what I eat during the week.

I told you I love all types of mushrooms.

I rinsed two mushrooms thoroughly...

...and then sliced it up into thinner pieces.

Then I seasoned it with 1/2 TB of minced garlic, 1 TB sesame oil, and 3/4 TB gook ganjang. Remember to visit Korean Cooking 101 if you have any questions about ingredients!!!

Throw in about 1/4 a small sliced onion and mix it up well.

Stir fry it for a few minutes until golden.

Sprinkle on some sesame seeds and you're ready to serve! I usually take the leftovers the next day and just mix it around with some cold tofu.

I also made some kongnamool moochim today as well. I hope to make white moo che (recipe will be coming!) and spinach moochim tomorrow and then I can make bibimbap! =P


  1. Delicious! Reminds me of the time my friend made mushroom burgers!



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