Saturday, July 11, 2009

Horseradish Stirfry - (무 볶음)

My dad is a 경상도 (a region of Korea) man through and through. He's one of those 'tough' 깡패 (gangsta) men you see on TV. =P He also speaks with a heavy 경상도 accent. Most of my friends still have trouble understanding him even after 15 years. LOL.

Anyhow, the reason I bring this up is because I had no idea my dad had an accent until I was in 7th grade. My friend Bean and I were watching a Korean drama and the main character had a heavy 경상도 accent.

I could barely understand what the guy was saying and remarked, "Man, his accent is so annoying! I can't understand anything he's saying."

Bean turned her head from the TV slowly and looked at me like I was a freak of nature and said, "Um, do you realize that your dad has the same accent? If anything your dad's accent is heavier." WTF?

I had NO idea. The minute my parents came home that day I asked if my dad spoke with an accent. My mom said YES and that my whole dad's side of the family spoke with the same accent. In fact, my mom was the ONLY one who didn't speak with an accent.

So all my life I grew up oblivious to my family's satoori until the 7th grade.

Anyhow, my mom told me the following is one of my dad's hometown staple recipes. Most of the recipes on this site are my mom's which was derived from my grandmother's 경상도 style.

Here easy-peasy recipe that feels like home.

First grab a piece of moo and a mandolin to shred it. (I didn't have my flash with me and was too lazy to go back upstairs.)

But I realized the quality of food pics just doesn't pop without a flash so I went and got the flash. =P

Throw the shredded moo into a pot and turn up the heat. This is about 3 cups of moo. Drizzle some sesame oil over the top (about 1 TB) and add about 3/4 TB of minced garlic.

Add some SALT. Add to your taste. At this point, I added about a cup of water and threw in a handful of green onions and let it all cook together until the moo was nice and soft. Even though you only add a cup of water, MUCH more water will start to come out of the moo. After I was done, I scooped up the moo and put it into a container and used the same leftover juices to make kongnamool.


Keep stirring until the moo becomes translucent.

And you're done! Ready to serve~

A quick pic of my Munchkin's dinner plate. And YES he ate it ALL~ That's all for now! I will come back soon and update again more regularly. I'm slowly getting my groove back. =P


  1. haha, too funny! my whole family is from taegu and talk with satoori, too, and i had no idea until i moved there after high school. i got plenty of laughs when i spoke in satoori to people i just met who knew i was from america...haha! i still talk with an accent and can't help it.

  2. yumm munchkins plate looks delish!
    haha how funny my whole mom's side speaks satoori too when they all gather & VERY loudly too haha

  3. Wow! You're such a great cook and a dedicated mom. : )



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