Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anchovie Dwen-jang gook - (멸치 된장국)

Tap. Tap. Tap. Are you still there? It seems just as I start to build up site traffic on this blog, I go on a hiatus. It's tough trying to keep up this blog sometimes...especially when I don't step foot into the kitchen for two weeks at a time. =P Also, I realized that every since I upgraded my camera (50D baby!) that I'm afraid to take it into the kitchen for fear it might get splashed on, dropped, etc.

Anyhow, here goes a simple dwenjang gook using anchovy broth.    


I add roughly 7 cups of water to a pot along with 5-6 dried anchovies and some dried sea kelp.

After everything comes to a boil, add 1TB dwenjang, 1/2 TB minced garlic, 1TB gook ganjang, 1/2 TB minced garlic and let boil on low heat.

I decided to use bokchoy today. I washed and cut up 3 bunches of it.

Toss the bokchoy in and continue to boil.

I also threw in a handful of chopped up moo (daikon radish).

A handful of sliced onions...

And finally some kongnamool.

Let everything boil together for about 30 minutes.

And you're ready to serve! It's a fresh and light gook perfect for picky little Korean toddlers. =)


  1. Yummy! Can't wait!

  2. Hi! Good to see you. Sounds delicious. Are the anchovies in a tea bag-like bag?

  3. Just made this -- yum! Thank you!

  4. Hi! I really love your blog..the pictures are fantastic. I also had a question about the anchovies....might be a stupid one. Do you put the anchovies in the tea bags...where do you get the tea bags? Thanks again and please keep it up!

  5. I don't have any dwenjang or gook ganjang or dried anchovies/kelp...but have everything else. So, I'm wondering if I can just use a regular soup base or just soy sauce for the gook ganjang? And any suggestiong for the dwenjang until I can get to a store? For the dried anchovy and kelp can I just use a regular soup base or a little anchovy paste? I know, it sounds like I have nothing...but I really think I can make this with some substitutions.



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