Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chuseok Rice Cakes - 송편

I warned you, there are absolutely NO measurements so this 'recipe' might be a little useless. However, I wanted to put this up so that it can jog my memory when I attempt to make it one day (hopefully soon). When I make it, I promise to write down the measurements I use. =)          

MIL (my friend's) started off with some rice flour. She said the flour was FRESH straight from Ktown. I guess there are places that sell fresh rice flour like this. Who knew?

She took some HOT water and seasoned it with a little salt. The water was salty enough that I could taste the salt, but not overwhelmingly salty. "A little bit of salt" is what you need in the hot water she said. =P You then add "just enough" hot water to bring the rice flour to a dough consistency.

You don't want it too firm, nor too pliable. You want it JUST RIGHT.

MIL made three wonderful fillings. Too bad I can't tell you what they were because she said it in Korean and I forgot. Yeah, I'm beginning to think this recipe is REALLY useless. =)

I know this one! It's red beans! She said all you have to do is soak the beans and then boil it. After it's boiled, you season it with a dash of salt and some sugar.

I don't know what this was, but it was SOOOO good. It's some type of bean.

Then you just take the dough and flatten it out. The key was to keep it a bit thick. I tried to make it thin like a mandoo and all the insides popped right out. =P

Make them all like so...(aesthetics was obviously not our strong point). I think the UGLY ones were made by my dear friend Y. =P

Then place them in a steamer for about 15 minutes. It was interesting because she just stacked them on top of each other. I thought they would stick to each other, but they didn't.

After 15 minutes, the dduks were done!

She washed them in a bit of water mixed with sesame oil.…

After letting them dry for a while...

We were ready to devour them. My pictures aren't that great because I was too busy popping these suckers into my mouth. They tasted wonderful all warm and sticky. Happy belated Korean Thanksgiving!!!


  1. my son is allergic to wheat and most other flours except rice flour. I've been searching everywhere for dduk recipes. I'm so looking forward to this!!!

  2. I love dduk! I wish I had learned to make it when I was interning under a chef in Korea all those years ago! :) I stumbled across your blog while on the search for a good miyukgook recipe, and I think you're amazing, and I high five you on the MRI results! I'm also working from home today JUST so I can make that gom gook recipe - YUM! Praying for you and your family, keep rocking!

  3. My grandmother use to make these sunday morning and sell them at church.. I'm not a big dduk fan.. I'm not much of a sweets person so I guess that would be why... :)

  4. yum! my mil said she's going to teach me how to make this. i can't wait to see your recipe too!

  5. wow i am impressed! making your own dduk is awesome. do you know how to make mochi?

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  7. I think the first mil is ground sesame seed and sugar? thats what my mom used to make it.

  8. LOL!! Yes, there were quite a few ugly one's in the first bunch(you sure they weren't yours?)!! But the end result was beeutttiful!!

  9. The 3rd filling is mung beans, which happens to be my favorite. A friend of mine made this with peanut butter filling, and it was sooo good.

  10. do we use plain white rice flour or sweet rice flour? can't wait to make this one for my Tiger.

  11. I had a good laugh when I saw that dingy gray towel at the bottom of the steamer basket. I think all Korean MILs have that exact same towel!

  12. Hi. Do you happen to have the recipe for rice cakes used in 떡볶기? I've tried a few recipes but have not been successful, they always have a bad rice-flour aftertaste. I'm not sure if it's because of the flour I was using.

    Btw, love your blog. I've set my eyes on a few recipes to try out over the weekend. :)

  13. i hope you redo this recipe. i've been craving this so badly!



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