Monday, February 1, 2010

Seafood Kalgooksoo - 해물 칼국수

My friend and I were dining at Moo Dae Po II (I wonder why it got such a bad review on yelp?) the other week and they had this seafood noodle pot that they gave us at the end. They used thinner noodles at the restaurant, but kalgooksoo noodles is what I had in my pantry so it had to do.


Not to be a noodle whore, but these didn’t taste that great.  =/  I would suggest choosing a thinner noodle instead just like they have at Moo Dae Po.  =P

IMG_7014  IMG_7015

IMG_7017  IMG_7018
I used clams, shrimp, dried anchovies and dashima to make the broth.

First start off by boiling your noodles about HALFway done in a pot.

Rinse the noodles in cold water and let drain on the side.

Meanwhile defrost about three shrimps and six clams.

In about 7 cups of water, I added the anchovy and dashida packet. I probably used about 10 big anchovies and a 2 inch think piece of dashima (dried sea kelp).

While everything is boiling, get your kalgooksoo sauce ready. Look about halfway down the page on the link and there is a recipe for it from a couple years back.

I then transferred the broth to a larger pot and strained it through this. I wanted to make sure none of that white foamy stuff went into the broth.

Throw in the seafood...

Then the noodles...

Top it off with some veggies such as: mushrooms, squash, red peppers, and green onions.

Let everything come to a boil until the noodles fully cook and you're ready to serve!

Add some kalgooksoo sauce to your liking and dig in!

If you have some ggak ddoogi in your fridge, bring it out! I made SO many banchans this week that our fridge is overflowing. I even made bechoo kimchi on my own and I must say it came out pretty decent. One day I will write up a step-by-step how-to for kimchi. One day.


  1. looking forward to it! Hope you are doing well this week!

  2. you've got me craving it!! :)

  3. Hello! I just discovered your blog few days ago and its wonderful! Im chinese, but my husband is Korean, so i'm always looking for ways to make korean food, but your blog is by far the most authentic. I am so happy i found your blog. I appreciate all the step by step instructions and pictures you've taken. Thank you! :)

  4. What a great dish to make at home, such clean flavors!

  5. This is my favorite thing in the world. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi, I just looked through a lot of your blog and I'm in love! I'm a huge fan of Chinese food, and some Japanese food - but I've never tried any Korean food!

    I must remedy that. Everything looks so delicious! I don't cook often, but I have to cook something from here.

  7. Hi there...I just found your blog...I'm not Korean,but Irish... I think I was born into the wrong ethnicity! I just made my first batch of kimichi (cabbage) today! I will not be making corn beef and cabbage though - can't stand it! I will be following your blog now. I am friendly with a little Korean lady - she is teaching me to cook traditionally!

  8. Totally needed this tutorial! Thanks!



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