Monday, September 27, 2010

Serrano Chilies in Vinegar Sauce

I was at Bristol Farms a couple of weeks ago and saw that their Serrano chilies looked particularly fresh, so I picked up a bunch.  At first, I was going to pickle them in soy sauce, but then I remembered the chilies they serve at Thai restaurants and decided to make those instead.  Anyhow, here goes my rendition.  I made this over the weekend and did a taste test today and so far, so good.



Begin by washing and drying your chilies.  I honestly don’t know how much I bought.  Probably a few handfuls.  =P



Then just start slicing away at them.  Try to slice them as thing as you can.  Usually I would use a mandolin, but these Serrano chilies were so skinny that it was easier to just chop.



I ended up with about 1 CUP of sliced chilies.  If you need EXACT measurements.



Then just pour in a mixture of: 1 CUP water, 3/4 CUP vinegar, and 1 TB sugar.



Let it sit for about a week or so inside the fridge and you’re ready to enjoy.  It’s quite high on the spice scale so beware!  Hope everyone in Cali is keeping cool in this crazy heat wave.  I will be back soon with a Spicy Chicken Gizzard Recipe later tonight.  =)

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