Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bokeum Bap - Fried Rice - (볶음밥)

Finally...nothing special, but here you go.

Whenever I make fried rice, I dig through my fridge and try to add as many vegetables as possible. Today I added about 1 cup each of onions, potatoes, celery, carrots, edamame beans, squash, and corn.

Add 2TB of sesame oil, 2 Tb oil, and 1 TB minced garlic to a large wok and turn up the heat.

I'm sure you've noticed that we are a pro-Spam household. I added about 1/2 a can, but you can easily substitute the Spam for regular beef, chicken or shrimp.

First add your carrots and potatoes and cook for about 5 minutes until the potatoes are almost done.

Then add the rest of your vegetables.

Then add 2 TB light soy sauce (gook ganjang) and 2 TB soy sauce and mix it well.

Eyeball it and add roughly half as much rice as the veggies.

Keep stirring on medium heat until all the vegetables are done (about 10 minutes).


It looks delicious, no?  You can substitute the SPAM for any other meat or you can even skip the meat altogether.

You're now ready to serve! You can add egg to it if you wish, but with this version of fried rice, I prefer it without egg.

_MG_9513 _MG_9514
In case you're wondering why I make so much fried rice at once~

I actually store them in these Ziploc containers and then freeze them. They're single servings and can be reheated in the microwave. Heat on high for about 2 minutes with the lid slightly loose. Then mix it around a bit and heat on high for an additional 2 minutes and you've got instant fried rice. =P It tastes surprisingly good and fresh.

I told you I don't COOK often. This is a perfect cheat meal.


  1. Love your blog! It's so hard to find such detailed Korean recipes considering most parents just don't measure out anything. Not sure if you were planning on putting a how-to for kimbap in the future.

  2. ^@ anonymous - I will definitely post a how to of kimbap one day whenever I have the time.

  3. i check your blog everyday for new recipes and was wondering where you were! can't wait for the jeng-ban gooksoo! i loooove all types of gooksoo!

  4. cant wait for the jeng ban guksoo~! and i always love ur fried rice recipes too for a quick meal~!

  5. ok im hungry~! this looks really good! how long can u store this in the freezer?

  6. mmmmmmmmmmm... i feel like korean food is kinda fattening.

  7. Your blog is wonderful. Watch out for storing and microwaving food in plastic though, particularly because you have a little person. It just isn't safe - particularly heating food in plastic. You also may want to reconsider using corn syrup in your recipes for health reasons as well. These things may be convenient but your long-term health is more important.



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