Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moo Gook - Daikon Radish Soup - Version 2.0 - (무우국)

Don't you just love how there are so many ways to cook the same dish? =P You can make my mom's 경상도 style mook gook or you can make the following more traditional moo gook.

I took out the moo pieces from the gom gook I'm currently making before they got too soft and chopped it up like so.

Then I got a few cup fulls of gom gook (which has only cooked for about 5 hours) and put it in another smaller pot. I didn't measure exactly, but I would say this is about 7 cups of broth.

Add your moo pieces and a few pieces of beef...

Season it accordingly with some gook ganjang and salt to taste (and I addeds 1/2 TB of minced garlic). Again, I didn't measure - just do it according to your taste buds.

Finally, throw in some green onions and you're ready to serve!

YUMMY, delicious moo gook using the broth from gom gook. The gom gook is still cooking and will cook for about another 9 hours or so. It will be our family's breakfast for tomorrow! I'm going to make dduk gook with the broth as well, so if I have time I'll post that up. There are just SO many things you can make with gom gook broth. Get creative!

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