Friday, May 29, 2009

Pickled Garlic in Soy Sauce - (마늘 짱아찌)

One of the MR's favorite banchans is 마늘 짱아찌. This is going to be in real time. =) I started it today, but it won't be completed until next weekend. There are a variety of ways to approach this, but the following is the way we do it in our household...

First, dunk your bulbs of garlic in water for about 30 minutes. (I only ended up using 6 of them and used the other two for the jang jorim I made today!)

Cut off the tips (or is it bottom?) of each garlic bulb and throw it back into the water. This is so that all the juices can seep into each and every clove. Some people take out all the individual cloves and then pickle it, but I found that keeping the skin intact gives it more flavor in the end. It's just a little bit more work to eat in the end. =P

Rinse your garlic and peel off a few layers of the skin.

Grab some vinegar.

I used 6 bulbs of garlics and 3 full cups of vinegar. This will sit on my countertop for abut 7-10 days before I do the next step. The vinegar will take out the bite in the garlic so it won't be so spicy. Trust me on this.

The next step involves using soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and cooking wine to make the pickling sauce. This will be shown next week! Until then, BYE!!!


Okay, I'm back. This garlic has sat in the vinegar for about 10 days. If after a few days, the water level goes down, just pour some more vinegar in to fill it to the top again. Open the container and throw out all the vinegar and rinse the garlic bulbs under cool water.

Meanwhile combine the following and bring to a boil for about 15 minutes: 2 cups water, 1 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 TB sugar, 4 TB rice wine, 1 jalapeno, 1 pepper, 1 small onion. After it boils, LET IT COOL DOWN COMPLETELY!

After the liquid has cooled, pour it into the CLEANED garlic bulbs...

Store inside your fridge and it will be ready in about 5 days! I'm going to empty the liquid into a pot in about 3 days and boil and cool and reuse once more. I'll update when I can!


  1. i tried this but instead of doing the garlic bulbs whole i peeled them individually. my concern is they turned blue-green!! is this normal?? i heard they do turn greenish in tint sometimes but this is deep and rich in color--looks like i put ink dye in it!!

  2. it's fine if your garlic turns green or blue, it just means it's not young garlic. don't worry about it, and eat them!

  3. Thanks a lot! This really helps me a lot as I'm craving for this pickled garlic for a long time. There's also pickled onion, can I use the same procedure?

  4. I pickled garlic in soy-sauce 1983. They are still extremely good. I keep them in my fridge and sample some every five years...!!!!!! they will last for ever, I believe!

  5. OH thank goodness! I got online looking for help about my garlic that is now a nice shade of aqua... neither blue nor green but definitely NOT white! I am glad to hear I don't have to toss it and start over! I am also excited to do this again trying the process above instead of peeling EVERY SINGLE garlic clove! :) Thanks for the information!



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