Friday, August 1, 2008

Ggak Ddoogi - Seasoned Daikon Radish - (깍두기)

I finally wrote down (somewhat) how I make ggak ddoogi. This is basically a type of kimchi made with daikon radish (moo).

Get about 4.5 LBS of daikon radish. Peel it and then chop it up into manageable pieces.

Add about 1/4 cup of SALT and then add enough water to cover the moo (radish). Let it sit for about 30 minutes or so.

After 30 minutes, WASH the moo thoroughly and let it drain out for about 10 minutes. Throw AWAY the excess liquid that drains out at this point. Don't worry about it...once it ferments you're going to get LOTS of liquid.

Add 3/4 cup red pepper powder and mix it around well.

Then add about 1 cup each of chopped green onions and large green onions. Also add 1/2 an Asian pear (minced/grated) and 1 chopped up red pepper. I actually also added some leftover chives I had sitting in the fridge.

Then season it with 5 TB minced garlic, 2 TB fish sauce, 1 TB salt, 2 Tb honey powder, 1 TB minced ginger, 3 TB minced shrimp jut, 1 TB rice wine, and 1 TB sugar.

Add the above ingredients to the moo and mix it around really well using your hands. Store inside a container in a cool place outside to ferment for about 72 hours. Pretty easy, huh?

12 hours later, the ggak ddogi is looking pretty good. See all the liquid that has accumulated? Yummy! Hmmmm....maybe I'll make some gom gook next week to go with this. =P


  1. geez girl, your recipes are so easy to follow and looks delicious! I have a feeling your website is going to get really popular!

  2. thanks SO much for this one! i love this banchan and didn't even know it was that easy to make! can i omit the shrimp jut? will it make a huge difference?

  3. @sooki - yeah! omit it and just a little more salt instead. =)

  4. Hmmm...I might have to try this recipe at home. Despite living in NYC, I can't find decent ggak ddoogi anywhere!

  5. Wow! 3/4 cup red chili powder! My weak stomach is going to have a field day. Darn GERD! I so would love to try this.

  6. Hi, that looks great, but can I ask what is honey powder? Can it be substituted with something else? Thanks!

  7. @nicki- they sell honey powder in the Korean markets right where they sell regular honey. You can actually just use equal parts of regular honey to substitute or you can just add more sugar.

  8. I just printed out some of your recipes! They look so easy. Every time I ask my mom, she never knows the exact measurements...:) she says its all in the taste...


  9. what is the difference between green onion and large green onion.. also, what kind of red pepper?

  10. This answered all my mysteries of Korean cooking! Please keep it up! I found your blog so much more practical and informative than any other Korean cooking book!

  11. It came out perfect ! We loved it

    Thank you for this great recipe.
    I didn't think i could succeed my first Kimchi !

  12. Thanks for posting your recipes! I just made the jang go rim. I am so glad i found your blog~~ Heres to good eating and your health! :)



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