Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pancit Bihon

Total Cooking Time: 45 minutes

After making the kimchi jjigae, I prepped dinner for today. Anything to save time in the kitchen...

One of my favorite Filipino dishes is pancit. It's kind of like jap chae or chow mein...only Filipino style. I have a Filipino coworker who taught me how to make this. B always brings the YUMMIEST Filipino dishes to our office and shares them with us.

I washed and chopped all the vegetables that I would need later today. Some peas, celery, carrots and mushrooms are here. It's roughly about a cup of each.

And then I have cabbage and onions here.

Get some chicken (you can use a mix of chicken, shrimp, or beef) and cut it up into bite size pieces.

In a wok (or any LARGE pot) add 1 TB cooking oil, 1 Tb fish sauce, 1 Tb soy sauce, and 1/2 TB minced garlic.

Put your chicken in there and add a dash of pepper. When the chicken is just about done......

....dump in all your vegetables and keep stirring and cooking.

At this point, add about 1/3 of a can of chicken broth into the vegetable mixture to give it moisture to cook evenly.

Once the vegetables look done (5-10 minutes), transfer it to a large bowl and preserve all the juices...

Add the rest of the chicken broth remaining in the can and the preserved juices from the vegetables back into the wok.

Make sure to give your noodles a quick rinse before adding them into the broth.

After about 5 minutes, the noodles will almost be cooked and the broth will have decreased considerably. If you need more broth, just add WATER and more soysauce.

Add your vegetables back and mix everything around well and keep cooking...

At this point, adjust the flavor with soy sauce. I added about 1 TB more. You're all done and ready to serve!

You can squeeze fresh lemon juice on top before serving...or if you're lazy like me, you can use this stuff. =)


  1. You're amazing! You know how to make Philipino food, too?? I love pancit! I'm going to make this one soon.

  2. I have one simple question... instead of can of chicken broth, can i use chicken knorr? thanks!

  3. ^^i'm sure it would be fine. just make sure to add enough water. =)

  4. sorrie I was just wondering where can I buy the pancit noodles from?

    looks so delicious can't wait till I can give it a try... can't wait for more recipes.. maybe kimchi?

  5. Unfortunately, I've only seen these noodles at Filipino markets such as Seafood City.

  6. I made it with the rice noodle (i dont remember the name though) that i found in HK market and came out great!

  7. will it taste the same if you dont use patis (fish sauce



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