Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soon Dooboo Jjigae - Soft Tofu Soup - 순두부 찌개

I finally got a chance to update the soon dooboo recipe, but I messed up today (will explain below).

First, get 2 cups of water and throw in some anchovies and dashima to make broth. Boil this for about 5-10 minutes and it should reduce to about half.

Prep your beef (about 1/2 cup) and seafood.

In a pot heat 1 TB sesame oil, 1 TB minced garlic and throw in the beef.

Add about 1/2 cup of kimchi and about 3 TB of kimchi juice.

Throw in some onions...

And then add only 2/3 cups of the anchovy/dashima broth. You really don't need a lot of water because the tofu itself will release water too.

This is 1 TB red pepper powder with 4 TB of sesame oil. I brought it to a boil, but here's where I messed up. While trying to take a picture, I let it BURN. It tasted OK, but it definitely made it LOOK bad. =P Keep an eye on it because it burns quickly...

(Note: you can just use bottled red pepper oil if you would like, but I prefer making it this way because it really brings out the flavor)

Add the oil to the soup and then add the seafood. It looks DARK because of the burned oil...yours should look normal. ;)

Add your tofu and bring it to a boil. I use two packs because my boys eat a lot. =P

Add 1 TB of shrimp jut. If you want to omit this, then just adjust flavor with gook ganjang. But shrimp jut really brings out the flavor in soon dooboo jjigae.

Finally, throw in 1 egg (or 2) and you're all done! I actually used 1 full cup of water which is why it looks so watery. =P


  1. First I wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is. I got introduced to this site from a xanga friend and I have made many things so easily thanks to your accurate and helpful directions and pictures. I am a newlywed and relatively new to cooking and this site has really been a blessing for me. I also had a question for you..I went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients and saw that there was anchovy powder and dashima powder..I used the dashima powder and when I first mixed it was very dark with a strange odor but when the dish was done I couldn't tell anything wrong with the dish (although I have nothing else to compare it to :P) I was trying to take a shortcut but was wondering if that alters the taste..and if you recommend that I use the real thing like you do. Once again thank you for having such a wonderful and helpful site!!

  2. @ Mrs. O - i prefer not to use dashima powders or the beef dashida powders because they have preservatives (MSG). it definitely makes food taste better though. =) My hubby is a health food nut, so he's actually the one who wanted me to ban those items. =P

  3. my first time making this soup, excellent recipe n instructions !! love the photos

  4. Can you tell me need what Ingredients ? =)



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