Sunday, October 19, 2008

Persian Meatballs...

Sorry for the lack of updates again. We've been eating out almost every day this week. I haven't stepped into the kitchen except to make Munchkin some grilled cheese sandwiches. We're going grocery shopping tomorrow, so hopefully I will think of a new post for next week.

Until then....

I will cheat by recycling another post on my other blog~

Get 1 LB. of ground beef and add generous amounts of parsley, mint (lots), cilantro (just a little), garlic and onions. Season it with a dash of salt and pepper. Sorry there are no exact measurements. Just add enough of everything to give the meatballs color like shown above.

Form into little meatballs about an inch in diameter.

Heat a skillet with minimal oil since there will be oil coming from the fat of the meat...

And just cook until done.

Plate it with basmati rice, lavash (flat bread), and some yummy cucumber yogurt!

Cucumber yogurt: Just get plain yogurt and chop some Persian cucumbers and squeeze out all the excess juice. Add it to the yogurt and season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. I actually added some chopped parsley into the yogurt too and it came out yummy. Next time I'm going to make yogurt with shallots and garlic.

Basmati rice: I like to sautee the rice in LOADS of butter and I add small bits of onion and brown everything. Then I add water (2:1 ratio. 2 parts water to 1 part rice. I use about 1.5 cups rice to 3 cups water) and let boil...when the water is almost all gone, reduce the heat to LOW and cover and let simmer for about 20 minutes until the rice is done. You can even season it with saffron water...which I didn't have the time to do tonight.


  1. what is your other blog

  2. this is a great website...i just tried my hand at making you have any recipes for making kimchee?

    thanks so much for setting this up!

  3. Had this two night ago, really wanted to try the cucumber yogurt more than anything. Substituted ground turkey for beef (I only eat beef maybe 2-3 times a year) and it was good. Even when so far as to buy the flat bread (as pictured).

    Think it's great with the Basmati rice, with regular rice it's just not the same. Yogurt is suppose to be tangy?? right??

    Well one more New Years resolution down . . . I've been meaning to comment for months now. Will definitely make more of an effort once I try a new recipe. By the way, your pictures are amazing . . . what camera are you using?

  4. yummy I love your photos and I love your BLOG! I'm going to try this too!



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