Monday, May 4, 2009

Dduk Gook using Gom Gook Broth - (떡국)

I know I made dduk gook before, but I just thought I would do a quick how-to using gom gook. It's easy!

First start off with about 4-5 cups of gom gook broth. The broth was really thick, so I diluted it with a little bit of water. I then added about 1 TB of gook ganjang, some minced garlic, and some salt. Do you see a pattern here? =P

IMG_4088 IMG_4086
Fry some eggs. You can be lazy and fry the yolk and white together, or you can take the time to fry it separately like this. I just had a little more time this morning so I thought I would make it look pretty for you readers. =P

I had a little bit of beef leftover, so I just seasoned it lightly with soy sauce.

Cut some gim up into strips using scissors.

Do the same with everything else....

Bring the broth to a boil and do a quick taste test. Then add your dduk and let it boil again until the dduk is done.

Plate the dduk gook first...

Then arrange all your toppings and you're ready to serve! Enjoy~~~

Tomorrow, I'm going to use the remaining gom gook to make some miyuk gook. I will post a how-to of that as well just because I'm bored here FAR away from home and friends. =P Toodles!


  1. Thanks for this reciepe - I didn't know you could make dduk gook with gom gook soup - very nifty!

    Just wanted to let you know I've been working some more on my blog. It's still a work in process :) Right now I only have one reciepe up, but since I'm a first timer, I thought I'd start out with something super easy. You should check it out when you have time. I'll try to be as diligent as you and continue to update it :)

    P.S. I'm still praying for you and your family :)

  2. hey there! i just tried to search your gom gook recipe an dcan't find you mind sending it to me? i kinda know but i always reference your website. hee hee. xoxo helen

  3. your dduk gook pictures are making me very very hungry!!! I have had thousands of bowls of dduk gook over the years and can't wait to reach the millions....



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