Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dduk Bbok Ggi - (with red sauce)

While making odeng gook tonight, I decided to go ahead and make some dduk-bbok-ggi to go along with it. I actually lived in Korea during my childhood, so this combo always brings back memories of street food.

This is the dduk and uh-mook I bought tonight. I normally buy the FRESH dduk, but they were sold out today so I had to settle for the prepackaged kind. If you don't like fish cake, you can substitute it for beef.

In a wok or pan, add 2 cups of water, 3 TB red pepper paste, 2 TB sugar, 1/2 TB minced garlic, 2 TB corn syrup...and then I added about 1/3 of the uh-mook sauce from the odeng (this part is totally optional).

Then bring everything to a strong boil...

Add the uh-mook first and bring it to a boil. The brand I used has 4 pieces and I cut up and used only 2 pieces.

In the meantime, wash and separate the dduks. I ended up using a little less than HALF the bag.

While the dduk and uh-mook is boiling...

prepare your vegetables. You can pretty much use whatever you want to. You can add ramyun, mandoo, boiled egg, carrots, squash, beef, cabbage, etc. Tonight I happened to have bok choy, mushrooms, and onions.

Add your vegetables and make sure to keep mixing it around until the dduk is done. Depending on what kind of dduk you use (fresh or prepackaged) the time will vary.

Depending on how much dduk or vegetables you end up using, you might or might not have enough liquid. I make a cup of this mixture and add it as needed. It's 1/2 cup water, 1 TB red pepper paste, and 1 TB sugar. Just pour some in if you feel you're lacking in the gookmool department.

Give the dduk a taste test as you go, and when it's ready, plate and serve!


  1. i visit your blog every morning to..... drool!! this looks so mouthwatering. how in the world do you make all these dishes (some being quite elaborate) with a toddler??

  2. ^^I cook really, really FAST! and my hubby keeps J occupied pretty well now. =)

  3. i just made this tonight~ it was so yummy! my hubby said the sauce was perfecto! thanks again =)

  4. Thanks so much for posting this recipe - this is my favorite!

    Just 1 question - do I need to soak/pre-boil the dduk if it's not fresh?

  5. Your blog is SoOoOO amazing! I've just discovered it and now I think I'm going to cook at least try.. maybe once a week, LOL its just that food is so cheap here in Korea. And grocery shopping is a bit expensive.



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