Friday, June 4, 2010

Food From Korea 2010 – Part Four

While in Korea, we had the opportunity to visit Jejudo for two nights.  The last time I was there was exactly 10 years ago and I must say the little island has changed.  The streets are all paved and it’s so easy to get around!  We were fully able to get around ourselves with just a navi and rental car.


We were in a mart and I saw this!  So cool.  Spam in a pack!  I’m told they now have this in the States as well, but I’ve yet to see it in person.

IMG_1687 IMG_1674

IMG_1677 IMG_1682

IMG_1684 IMG_1660

IMG_1652 IMG_1654 IMG_1657 
On our first night, we decided to be brave and go off the beaten path and eat at a hole in the wall.  When we walked in, the place was empty and so we thought we were doomed.  =P  I have to say that this was our best meal in Jejudo.  Not because the food was spectacular, but because the service was so great!  When the lady found out we were from *Los Angeles* she got so happy and gave us extra meat.  It was our CHEAPEST meal in Jejudo, but the food was just as good as the other more well known *sam gyup sal* places.  Honestly, meat is meat is meat.  =P  Our meal ended up being less than $30!  INCLUDING the alcohol.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

IMG_1825 IMG_1837

IMG_1853 IMG_1856


IMG_1857 IMG_1859

IMG_1860 IMG_1862


IMG_1877 IMG_1882
For dinner, I wanted to try SEAFOOD because, hello!  We’re surrounded by water.  =P  Those abalone were actually all ALIVE and moving around when the dish was first brought to our table.  I ran to get my video camera (yes, I’m a sadist) but by the time I got back they were all dead.  =/  Jejudo is known for their galchi jorim as well!  I have a galchi jorim recipe on my blog already, but I’m going to update it sometime this week with flavors from Jejudo.  I think the lady used some gochujang in her dish. 

IMG_3715  IMG_3711 

IMG_3721 IMG_3747  
At dinner the second night we went to yet a different *oh-gyup-sal* jip.  The food was very similar to the first restaurant we went to at DOUBLE the cost.  From now on, we will never follow the guide books.  The little chocolate harabang in my hand is the *famous* Jejudo gam-gyool chocolate.  Basically citrus flavored chocolate.

IMG_1888 IMG_1904     

IMG_1906 IMG_1886 
The meal on the top is the adult menu and the meal on the bottom is the *kid’s meal* – cool huh?  This was the breakfast that was included in our hotel package.

I wish they had this here!

View of the ocean.

View from up top.

Boong-uh Bbang!   Loves.


IMG_3701 IMG_3702  
And finally, the hae-nyuh halmoni’s hard at work.  That’s all the food posts from Korea.  I’ll be back with some new recipes shortly!


  1. i love that you're posting all your korea food pics!! i'm hungry. :P

  2. wow food look so yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. your photos really make me look forward to my trip in sept!!! cannot wait until my exams are over :D



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