Friday, June 25, 2010

Mook – (묵) - Part 1

I know I’ve been slacking off on the updating department again.  Once I heard the news that my scans were clear, I no longer needed this blog as much.  This blog takes up a lot of my time, so running a household, running a business and trying to update this regularly starts to become a little much sometimes.  I’m working from home today, so I finally had the opportunity to sit down and update.  I made mook yesterday and took pictures and wrote down as much as I could about the process.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1 CUP acorn starch + 3 CUPS water
  • 3 CUPS boiling water

First grab a pack of Acorn Starch.

Put about a CUP of acorn starch into a bowl and add 3 CUPS of water.  MIX IT WELL! 

Meanwhile, bring another 3 CUPS of water to a boil.

Just as the water is about to boil, pour the acorn starch mixture through a sieve and bring up the heat.  KEEP MIXING!  It’s very important to keep the mixture moving.  You really can’t do much else but stand by the stove and mix, mix, mix!

After awhile, it will be thick and gravy like.  Lower the heat down to LOW and keep stirring away.  Little bubbles will start to pop, ignore and just keep STIRRING!

After about 20-25 minutes of stirring, add a pinch of salt, mix it around and finally turn off the heat!

Let it cool down a bit and transfer it into some containers.  I used two smaller ones because I’m going to use one for mook moochim and one for mook bap.

Once it has cooled down, place it into the refrigerator and chill overnight or until cold.  I will be back shortly with a *how-to* for mook moochim.


  1. Cool! I've wondered what acorn starch is and how to use it.

  2. I've been reading your very-useful blog for some times but this is the first time im commenting :) first of all thanks alot for all the efforts of putting those nice recipes together :D because of you I saved lots of money from not eating from my local korean restaurant (they are alot poorer I think, coz I used to eat there so very often :p) n instead made everything myself :) secondly, my cooking skill has greatly improved, by following your recipe closely haha...can I say it's improved :P or am I a good copier.. either way my husband is alot happier hahaha..
    It will be sad if you stop updating the blog completely, however if that happens that means your scan result is clean which will be the most wonderful thing! (shall pray for that) :) I understand that running a household with kid, business, n updating the blog regularly can be too much. I hope you wont take down the blog tho, so I can still look up for the recipes from times to times :) thanks again!

  3. electric or gas range? my mom always has trouble on the electric, never turns out as nice. any suggestions?

  4. Oops..I just found this part...thanks!! : )

  5. One of my best girl friend introduced me to Korean Food some years ago and i am an addict ever since. Your blog really helps my confident to try to cook it at home, as we've moved country for the past 3 years finding Korean food where we're now is nearly impossible. Thank you for sharing :)



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