Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food From Korea 2010 – Part Three



IMG_1271 IMG_1340 
THIS!  OMG.  THIS was perhaps the best jjambong I ate in my life.  It was a little hole in the wall with no more than 10 tables, but there was a line out the door.  The MR actually went back the next day to eat it again.

Street food in Insadong.

Boong-uh Bbang!  Totally brought me back to my childhood.  

Octopus Leg.  I love octopus leg.  My uncle used to work for a fishery so he would bring us all these octopus legs.  It doesn’t taste the same in the U.S.  I miss Korea already.


IMG_3218 IMG_3220

IMG_3235 IMG_3236

IMG_3225 IMG_3214
This was perhaps the best meal we had in the motherland.  I didn’t understand all the rave about “han-woo” gogi.  I mean, we eat USDA Choice here!  What’s the big deal, right!?  OMG.  It seriously MELTS in your mouth.  The beef was soooo tender.  We also had dae-chang and yang.  It was my first time trying yang, and I have to say it was great as well.  Oh!  And the MOOK BAP.  Korea is all about MOOK these days.  I <3 mook!


IMG_3430 IMG_3466
We had lunch at the famous SamWon Garden as well. 

IMG_3490 IMG_3492

IMG_3493 IMG_3495

IMG_3496 IMG_3497

IMG_3498 IMG_3610
I had read such great reviews about the buffet at 63 Building, that we decided to check it out.  It was definitely $$$$, but was TOTALLY worth trying at least once.  We ate buffets at the Ritz, Biz-Baz, Palm Palms, and 63 Building…and by FAR 63 Building’s buffet blew the others out of the water!  I mean, just look at the steak and lobster!  =P

IMG_4075 IMG_4076 

IMG_4088 IMG_4077 

BizBaz – another buffet we went to located inside the COEX.  The food here was excellent as well!  It was a strong second to the buffet at 63 Building.  I'm looking through all our food pictures and we really ate A LOT huh?  =P  We were there for a month, so this isn’t even ALL the food we ate.  There were days I forgot my camera!  I’m almost done with all the pictures.  I have tons from Jejudo, so stay tuned!


  1. The food looks sooo gooood! I've actually taken up korean cooking after finding your blog! Love it! I have a random question...where can I find the tea bags you use for your anchovies and stuff? I've looked everywhere. Thank you so much!

  2. @anonymous - you can find the tea bags at any japanese market (mitsuwa). if you're in Los Angeles, they also have it at Kim's and Chung's.

  3. i was just in korea these past two weeks. Seeing all this food makes me wish i was able to stay longer!

  4. I was in Korean and Jejudo too this past February. YUMMMM! I MISS the food as well!



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