Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Camera

I know some people have been asking here and there.

99.9% of the food pictures on this blog are taken with my Canon 50D with this Tamron lens. I am probably one of the few food bloggers that use *gasp* flash in ALL my food pictures. The reason I use flash is because we live in a condo that faces the opposite side of the sun. I have minimal natural lighting. =P I do have another lens that I can use, but I'm too lazy to switch my lenses all the time and the Tamron is the one that is usually on the camera.

I also have a Canon G11 that I use for everyday purposes. Most of the food pictures on the trip to Korea were taken with the G11 with exception to a few of the ones taken in SokCho.

Anyhow -- cooking and picture taking are two of my *hobbies* so this blog is a great outlet for me. =)

I hope you enjoy!

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