Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spinach Moochim - Version 2.0 - (시금치 무침)

After making the jap chae below, I ended up with half a bunch of spinach and some carrots leftover.

I decided to make spinach moochim with a little twist.

All I added was a splash of sesame oil, some green onions, sauteed carrots, some tofu, and 1/2 TB of soy bean paste.

Using your hands, just mix everything up really well and you're done! Simple, huh? It's a nice change to regular spinach moochim.

I also made some kimchi jji gae and this completes my time in the kitchen for today. =)


  1. I love the recipe and want to try this.. but I was wondering how firm is the tofu? Is it a soft kind? Thanks alot for the wonderful recipes... I also need to try the jabchae... yums

  2. @grace - firm tofu works the best because it has less liquid, but i just used regular tofu today and it turned out fine.



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