Sunday, June 22, 2008

Galbi Marinade - with Pineapple - (파인아뿔 갈비 양념)

I realized that I never put up a recipe for Galbi online. I normally just make everything by taste and I do different things each time, so I guess it never crossed my mind to put up a recipe. Anyhow, while I was marinading some galbi today, I decided to write everything down. I will call this Pineapple Galbi Marinade. There are other ways I marinade it, so I will post those recipes up when the time comes.

Start off by prepping your meat. Wash it very well in cold water. While washing it changed the water a couple of times to drain all the excess blood.

Mix 1 cup soy sauce with 2 cups water.

Then add the following (I ended up running out of room, so I transferred everything into a mixing bowl):

9 tb sugar
3 tb sesame oil
3 tb minced garlic
3 tb sesame seeds
1/2 chopped onion
3 fistfuls of chopped green onions
1 tb of rice wine
1 tsp pepper

At this point I normally add about a half cup of ground up Asian pear, but I didn't have any, so I added chopped up pineapples instead.

I finished it off by taking the 7-up my husband was drinking and poured in this much.

Pour the marinade (which is good for about 10-15 lbs. of galbi) over the galbi and coat well. Afterwards, transfer into a tupperware container and store in the fridge overnight. You're ready to grill it now! It tastes best when grilled on the BBQ, but we just use our George Foreman~ =)

I grilled the galbi on our George Foreman and then cut it up into bite size pieces.


  1. i would've never thought to add pineapple and 7up... what a great idea! the sweeter the better. i'm gonna try this one for the hubs!

  2. Hi B~ i was just wondering if this is for about 1 pack of galbi too or is it for 10-15 lbs of galbi? and do u suggest cooking it on a pan or broiling it in the oven if i dont have a bbq or foreman..?

  3. i made this & it was really good~! but i used only 2 lbs of kalbi so i had a lot of marinade left over... r u supposed to squeeze out excess water from the meat after washing it too? just curious~

  4. how long did you cook it on the foreman?



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