Friday, June 20, 2008

Soondooboo Jigae - Soft Tofu Soup - (순두부 찌개)

Soon-doo-boo jigae (soft tofu soup)

Ingredients needed:

1/4 cup of drained beef (maybe even less...)
1/4 cup of sliced up kimchi
1/2 small onion
green onions
1 mushroom cut up
1 shrimp (or more)
1 clam (or more)
1 tb of minced garlic
1 tb of sesame oil
1 tb of gochu-jang
1 egg
1 package of soon-doo-boo (I used the Pulmuone (sp?) brand that's in the plastic case, not the tube)

In another pot: make some anchovy the end you only need about 2 cups of the broth, but add accordingly

In yet another pot: mix 4 tb of sesame oil and 1 tb of red pepper powder and bring to a low boil to make a gochu-oil...some websites say you don't need to do this, but I just did. I might try skipping this step the next time.

I finally found a semi useful soon-doo-boo recipe. You begin by making some anchovy stock. (I added some dashima too, just because I have SOOOOOOO much of it~ my MIL brings LOTS of anchovies, dashima, gochu-garoo, etc. every time she visits...)

Get shrimp, beef, mushrooms, onions, green onions, (clams, if you want), and kimchi ready on the side.

First you stir fry the beef with 1 tb minced garlic and 1 tb of sesame oil. After you mix it around, add some kimchi and keep on stirring. After frying everything together, add about 2 cups of the anchovy broth to the mixture and bring to a boil.

In a separate pot (on LOW heat) mix 4tb sesame oil and 1 tb of red pepper powder (gochu-garoo). It will turn into a gochu-oil-ish thing...

After you bring everything to a boil, add the vegetables, the doo-boo, and gochu-oil. Bring everything to a strong boil, and add 1 egg. At this point I added some things myself, because the original recipe was a little bland. I added a few tb's of gook-ganjang and 1 tb of gochu-jang. It came out pretty ok this time. I'll tweak the ingredients a little the next time I make this, and hopefully it will taste even better. The recipe also called for 새우젓, but I didn't have any in my fridge....I think if I added that, I might not have needed the gook ganjang...

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