Monday, June 23, 2008

Ssam Jang - (쌈장)

Part two of dinner tonight involved the galbi I marinaded yesterday. I wanted to eat it with some homemade ssam jang.

I use 1 Korean pepper (a jalapeno will do too), 1/4 onion, handful of garlic cloves, and some green onions.

I was running low on gochujang, so I decided to recycle the container and I added approximately 2x as much dwenjang (soy bean paste) to it. Let's just say about 3 tb of gochujang and 6 tb of dwenjang.

Then add a couple fistfuls of green onions and chop up the garlic and add that also.

I also chopped the onion and green pepper and threw that in there.

Mix everything together.

Add a splash of sesame oil, about 1 tb of corn syrup, and 2 tb of sesame seeds (not pictured).

You're finished! So easy, huh?

I grilled the galbi from yesterday on our George Foreman and then cut it up into bite size pieces.

I love ssam bap! Red leaf lettuce, galbi, rice, and ssam jang.

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