Friday, June 20, 2008

Moo Gook - 무우국

There's only so many gook's you can make, but this one is something that my mom always used to make for us when we were younger. She says it's moo gook with a 경상도 twist.

Bean Sprouts
Green Onions
Red Pepper Powder
Minced Garlic
Gook Soy Sauce

Drain the blood from some beef and stick it into a pot. I just add all the ingredients directly into the pot. Add some sesame oil (1 tsp), 2-3 tablespoons of gook gang jang, half a tablespoon of minced garlic, a teaspoon of red pepper, and a dash of salt. NOTE: I like to let the meat sit in water for about 15 minutes or so (before marinading), and every few minutes I'll squeeze all the blood out...I know it's kinda sick, but it makes the gook more "clear". I don't use a real measuring device and just use my regular dinner spoon to eyeball everything.

Then add the moo and stir away on medium heat.

At this point I will add about 1 tsp of red pepper powder. You can leave that part out and just make it clear if you want to.

Add some water and let it BOIL.

When the soup is BOILING, add the bean sprouts and CLOSE the lid... After about 10 minutes or so open the lid, and scoop up any of that yucky looking stuff that accumulates in the middle


Finally add the green onions and let everything boil until the moo is nice and soft...

It's done! Depending on how much water you used, you may need to add more gook ganjang. While it's boiling, taste it, if it tastes kinda bland, you can make it more saltier tasting by adding more gook not use salt! It ruins it, plus it's bad for you. Korean food is seriously one of those foods which you have no real recipe for. 10 people can cook the same thing, and it'll probably all taste different, but it's good to have a visual of how to make it, and from there you just make it according to your own taste.



  1. YUMMMM. I'm making this tonight. =/ Thank you so much!

  2. I make this soup about 1x a week now. It is DELISH and a new one for me. My mom made dinner every night when I was a kid growing up, and it's nice to see all the recipes from when I grew up, plus new ones. Thank you!



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