Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tofu w/Seasoning Sauce - (두부 무침)

Start off by purchasing firm tofu.

I start off by cutting it into thirds, then cutting it into 1/4 inch slices.

Lightly oil (I use regular Olive Oil) a pan and fry all the tofus until golden brown. Some people will sprinkle salt at this point, but I'm sure I've mentioned before but I try to avoid salt and MSG whenever possible...

While the tofu is frying, get your seasonings in order. I LOVE these bottles that they sell at Cost Plus World Market. It makes cooking such a breeze! I used to keep my gook ganjang in one of them too, but I realized that gook ganjang tends to get bad quickly (I would see mold floating around), so now I keep my gook ganjang in the fridge....problem solved.

Mix together: 4 tb gook ganjang, 3 tb soy sauce, 1/2 tb minced garlic, 1 tb sesame oil, 1 tb sesame seeds, 2 handfuls of green onions (or more), 2 tb red pepper powder.

Arrange the tofu in tupperware (or a plate).

And distribute the mixture evenly on top.

You can start another layer and continue....

I plated some for the MR's breakfast this morning. It's a light and healthy breakfast side dish~~ You can store the rest in the fridge for 2-3 days. Enjoy!


  1. this reminds me of my mom's cooking. i love your site! thanks for the wonderful recipes. :)

  2. your recipes make me feel homesick. :) i'm definitely going to try a few of your recipes.

  3. Hmmm..mine had a thicker consistency..wondering if I used the right gochu garu...i used the fine one but yours appears different. Ay...I can't cook even with your step by step directions!
    I would always be on food 911!

  4. looks amazing! I'm going to try it

  5. Hello. I've always been crazy about Korean cuisine for its delicate balance of flavours and colorful arrangement. Just wonder: what's the difference between soy sauce and gook ganjang?



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