Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pickle Moochim - (오이 무침)

The hot summer days have been making me crave cold pickles. I made two kinds today. Let's start with the pickle moo-chim first.

I used three Korean pickles today. I think this kind of pickle can be found at any Korean market, but you can use regular pickles if that's all you can find. I just prefer these because the skin is less bitter. I peeled off only half the skin because I like to leave some color and the skin on these pickles tastes GOOD too.

To make my life easier, I just use my trusty mandolin to slice the pickles into thin slices.

Then I sprinkled some salt over it and mixed it around and let it sit there. After about 15 minutes or so, I gave it a thorough washing and let the water drain out.

Then I added 1tb red pepper powder, 1/2 tb minced garlic, 1 tb sesame seeds, 1/2 tb sesame oil, 2 tb vinegar, 1 tb sugar, 1/2 tb salt, and a handful of green onions.

Mix it well and then chill in the fridge overnight and serve. It's the perfect banchan for this summer heat!


  1. just jotted down the recipe and i'm going to make it tonight! thanks for sharing!

  2. i noticed theres a lot of liquid that forms while it's getting chilled in the fridge. Do I drain out the extra juice? If not, won't it make the cucumbers soggy?



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